Driving Force Group


Full Spectrum Philanthropic Support


Driving Force Group guides clients on how to most effectively and efficiently donate their charitable dollars through partnerships with existing entities, the creation of a Donor Advised Fund or Sponsored Project, or when necessary and appropriate, creating a new public charity or private foundation. While Jenny works with corporations, foundations, and wealthy individuals, a significant portion of our work is done with professional athletes and professional sports leagues. The backbone of that work is educating both new and existing philanthropists, and those surrounding the philanthropists, on the P.E.E.R.S model of philanthropy that our Founder, Jenny Goldstock Wright, identified.  This includes ensuring that philanthropists understand the nuance of IRS governance and industry best practices, and creating a philanthropic plan.


Benefits of Sponsored Projects

  • Allows client to focus on what is most important to them—developing an impactful fund and not on governance and administration
  • Share operational costs with other projects
  • Limits liability of your advisors (Board of Advisors vs. Board of Directors)
  • Benefit from our combined years of experience and success in the field
  • Leverage our reputation as qualified professionals
  • Offers access to an immediate network of other influential funders and board members


DFG charges an annual flat fee based on the operational costs associated with sponsoring funds and is evenly divided by the numbers of funds under DFG. The flat fee is calculated at the beginning of the year based on the following fixed costs:

  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Abuse and Molestation Insurance
  • Charities Bureaus Registration
  • Administrative Management
  • Annual Audit and Tax Forms
  • Accounting and Bill Payment

Program development & EvaluatioN

We help find the most effective way to direct your resources, structure your narrative, and navigate the complex and logistical challenges of not only doing good, but doing good well.

  • Training in charitable management for Advisory Committee and Staff
  • Developing or restructuring of charitable initiatives
  • Measuring impact of charitable programs
  • Special Event strategy & production

*Fees based on the complexity of and time dedicated to the services