Driving Force Group

Yetunde Price Resource Center

A Williams Sisters Fund Project

The Yetunde Price Resource Center (YPRC) assists individuals adversely affected by community violence to identify, access and utilize support services that already exist in the community.

The Yetunde Price Resource Center’s approach is defined by three core pillars of action:

  1. Community based case management navigation: Working with individuals to ensure their physical and mental health in the wake or at risk of violent acts. Each case is given dedicated, caring, long term attention to help them cope, heal, and move forward with their lives.

  2. Community Education: Partnering with local schools and law enforcement authorities to provide community programs in violence prevention, resiliency, social problem-solving,and conflict resolution.

  3. Expressive arts therapy: Working with victims and at-risk individuals to prevent and recover from violence through poetry, creative writing, music therapy, dance and movement therapy, and dramatic arts.

Images from the Yetunde Price Resource Center Opening, Healthy Compton Event & Gatorade Tennis Court Dedication