What do we mean by racial equity?

We mean the societal conditions in which:

The distribution of resources and opportunities is neither determined nor predicted by
race, racial bias or racial ideology.

Families and individuals are able to thrive and flourish in the intersections of all
aspects of their identity, including race, religion, gender, orientation, ability, and
socioeconomic background.

The structures, systems, practices and cultural narratives in society provide true
situational fairness and equal opportunity.

The most vulnerable communities in society have access to mechanisms to achieve
social mobility and voice in naming their reality, describing how these systems of
oppression play out, and developing solutions which draw upon their assets.

There is a democratic commitment to dismantle the false narrative of white supremacy
and address the legal, political, social, cultural and historical contributors to inequity.


All people, cultures and identities are equally valued and recognized under the belief

that strength comes through the diversity and expression of our shared humanity.








Starting with the personal: actively learn, hold ourselves accountable, maintain
humility, and be courageous in all aspects of our work with respect and honor for the
lived experience of colleagues of color.

Working within foundations: show evidence of this commitment in our internal
operations, strategic plans and processes, and ways we engage with our staff and board.

Partnering with grantees: co-construct more equitable decision making tables and
redefining with communities what equitable distribution of power could look like, while
striving to be in more honest and trusted relationships with our grantees and community
partners about race and racism.

Leading in philanthropy: speak truth to power and amplifying voices of the
communities we serve to hold philanthropic decision makers and policy makers
responsible for meaningful progress on racial equity.

Connecting with the world: create new ways to redistribute power, resources, and
opportunity to help model and lead social change and racial justice in the world.

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