Driving Force Group’s founder, Jenny Goldstock Wright is the unbelievably proud granddaughter of Herb Goldstock, a Jewish man who in 1944 integrated Army sports teams, and later integrated the liquor distribution business for which he worked. She is the equally proud daughter of his son, Ron Goldstock, who taught her at every turn what his father taught him: Racism is unacceptable and dangerous, and it is our human obligation to speak up against it every chance we get. Informally through childhood and then formally throughout her entire professional life, Jenny has built a rich history as a champion of social and racial equity. She has worked in and for myriad organizations that fight to carve out a space in this arena. Marrying her desire for social and racial equity with her frustration over well-meaning efforts that seemed to falter at the hands of incomplete or bad advice, Jenny created Driving Force Group. Since 2006 Driving Force Group (DFG) has led individuals, foundations and corporations in race equity and social impact solutions. Driving Force Group reflects the values and importance of an anti-racist society within its culture, staff, board, clients and projects.


Driving Force Group is driven by three simple truths:

  1. All people deserve equity.

  2. Equity does not exist in our country.

  3. It is our duty to leave the world more equitable than we found it.



DFG is unyielding in our stance. People cannot refuse to understand that our country was created and has thrived under a systemic racist infrastructure or feign confusion about the resulting issues created. People cannot stand idly by while human beings suffer injustices and live in fear. Driving Force Group understands change will not happen until we, as a society, and especially those with power and privilege, are willing to get uncomfortable. While respectful, we are comfortable with our role as disruptors of the status quo. We know nothing worth doing is easy. We resolve to be critical of those not being actively anti-racist and show support for people who are. At every turn we ask ourselves and our clients to pay more attention to the WHY behind things that are happening and not stop at the WHAT is happening. Once the layers of why are peeled away, people are compelled to act.


Problems created by systemic racism and inequity are so deeply embedded and rooted in the community that they aren't even recognized as problems anymore. They have simply become seen as part of the fabric of our society. This is unacceptable. No matter how long cancer persists, no matter how many “cures” are created and then outsmarted by cancer, we remain committed to ridding the society of cancer. We take the brightest minds and build state of the art research centers and raise billions of dollars. We would never dream of giving up on a disease so horrible. Yet, the same is not true with racism. People just assume it is not going to change and is just the way life is. DFG will work to pour money and talent into issues of social justice and race equity.




Speaking at a Black Lives Matter Rally at Virginia Union University (2020)

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